Saturday, April 16, 2011

Prep work

As I was cleaning out the fridge I noticed some potatoes that where about to expire. I decided I should cook them and make some mashed potatoes for dinner tomorrow.

Baby golden potatoes
Minced garlic
Earthbalance butter
Tofutti sour cream

They tasted great! I was pleasantly surprise that the sour cream really tasted like sour cream!

I also decided that we would try to cook something that fits the diet for dinner even though it didn't count toward the 21 days. I made a veggie pizza for dinner and it was also verry yummy!

Arrowhead Mills pizza crust
Mezzetta Arrabbiata sauce
Soysation shredded cheese
Black olives
White mushrooms

The only problem with the pizza was that the sauce was incredibly spicy. It tasted amazing, but Korbin couldn't eat it because it was so hot. This recipe made two pizzas so I put one in the fridge for later in the week and we ate an entire one for dinner. Also I would let you know that the pizza crust is one you have to make yourself so be aware that since it is gluten free you need rice flour when you knead it! I didn't have any so I ended up using regular flour. Yes I know that added gluten but I didn't really have a choice at that point. I was also surprised as to how much the "cheese' tasted like cheese. In this setting everyting worked great!

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