Friday, November 18, 2011

Couponing class

I took a couponing class from Karen Luce last night at the church and it was amazing! Not only was Karen hysterical, but everything she said was very insightful. All the questions I have been wanting to ask someone but didn't know who to ask, she answered. Also she has made couponing in her life a way to honor God. I know that sounds crazy but it makes perfect sense! I am going to try and impliment some of her methods into my couponing life and hopefully I can remember to document it here.
Who reads this though?
Even if it is only me, I think it will help to have something to look back at. Also I am going to try and organize my days a little better. I am using as inspiration to keep a daily journal and organizer. Perhaps I will be able to better manage my time if it is on paper. In case you haven't heard, I recently got a new position at my job. I am now the Children's Activities Director for Genesis Health Clubs. This is a come as you need job so organization is key.
Well wish me luck and keep me in your prayers.