Sunday, April 24, 2011

Day 6,7 & 8

So obviously we have been pretty busy this weekend and I haven't had a chance to update so I will try and make this quick.

Fruit bowl from Quicktrip and OJ

Spagetti with "meat" sauce

Salad with oil and vinegar, fruit and red beans from Dillons salad bar

Potato with vegan butter, sour cream and cheese and brown rice made with veggie broth.

Tomato and onion quesadillas with quacamole and vegan sour cream


Corn chex with honey and soy milk and cinnamon raisin bread with vegan butter

Baked beans, Fumi salad and brocolli salad

Vegan, sugar and gluten free strawberry and chocolate mousse pie

So we were really busy on Friday running errands and we had to eat on the run for dinner. The Dillons Marketplace salad bar is amazing! They have a lot to offer and I will be going there again. On Saturday we were running around a lot too so I did eat breakfast but I just had a banana in the car so I didn't take a picture of it. I will say that the dinner we had that night was so amazing I think I might make it at least once a week when we aren't on this cleanse! I will try and put the recipe on tomorrows post. Now the biggest challenge we had was figuring out what we were going to eat for Easter lunch and Luke's Grandma's. I knew there wasn't going to be much since it is a pot luck. Usually at family gatherings we can go through 8-10 rolls between the two of us and I am happy to report that today we ate 0! Now we couldn't find anything that matched with our diet completely so we tried to do the best we could. The baked beans obviously had sugar in them but I felt that the bean content made it better than mac n cheese or turkey. We also had Fumi salad and I tried to pick out as many ramen noodles as I could. The brocolli salad had bacon in it and I just picked that out as well. I will say that after eating lunch, Luke and I both feel awful. Upset stomachs and indegestion so yeah for that. Since my stomach was upset at dinner time, I just had some hummus and Luke had leftover spagetti.
Now for the pie. I made a desert so I could try it. It was awful. Period. Awful. The crust was so grainy that it was inedible and I don't care for the taste of cocoa powder so to me the mouse wasn't that great. So lots of info for one day I hope you cold follow it. See you tomorrow!

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