Saturday, April 16, 2011

Food For Thought

Well we did all our shopping today for the upcoming week. First we went to Food For Thought  and this was our haul:
Food For Life Tortillas ($3.39), Guinoa spagetti noodles ($1.99), Lightlife Smart Ground ($3.49), Tofuttie Cream Cheese and Sour Cream ($2.59 & $2.89), Earthbalance butter ($4.19), Soysation shredded cheese ($1.99), Tempeh maple bacon ($3.65), Soy Dream ($2.79), Follow Your Heart Veganaise ($4.99), Tree of Life Tamari ($2.49), Nutritional yeast flakes ($3.31), Mezzetta Arrabbata ($5.35), Bob's Red Mill flaxseed meal ($4.09), Hodgson Mill multigrain cereal ($1.59), Arrowhead Mills pizza crust ($1.99), Udis whole grain bread ($3.89) and The Grainless Bake cinnamon raisin bread ($8.09).

So I feel like I did really well here. Everything was insanely cheaper than I had seen at Dillons Marketplace. I will say that the only reason I bought $8 bread was that I wasn't paying attention when he scanned it and I thought I had grabbed the one that was on sale for $3.69. Oh well! A few of the items I got are not what I expected. The Multigrain Ceral and the Fakon (fake bacon) are both not gluten free. But it is inevitable that mistakes are going to happen. I am still going to eat them I will just try and be a little more conscience.

So after the health food store we headed to Dillons Marketplace to pick up some produce:

Firm Tofu ($1.79), White mushrooms ($2.00), Chipotle seasoning ($3.95), Blackened seasoning ($3.09), Island fruit leather ($0.49), Almonds ($2.50), Blueberries ($3.99), Portabello mushrooms ($3.99), Rasperries ($3.99), Strawberries ($2.50), Asparagus ($3.62), Avacodo ($1.49), Yellow squash ($0.70), Zucchini ($0.70), Sugar snap peas ($2.99), Spinach ($1.89), White onions ($2.99), Garlic ($0.59), Tomatoes ($2.99/lb), Jalepenos ($1.48/lb), Lemons ($0.59), Limes ($0.50), Red onions ($1.09/lb), Bananas ($0.56/lb), Carrots ($1.50), Polenta ($3.99), Eggplant ($3.49), Broccoli ($1.78/lb), Lettuce ($1.88), Baby potatoes ($2.99), Cilantro ($0.99)

I think we might have gotten a better deal on some of this produce at Wal-Mart but at least I got everything (almost) on my list. So the total for shopping this week is (with tax) $192.76. This may seem like a lot for a week but in reality, a lot of these items are staples that I won't have to pick up again during the cleanse.

So since I was adding all this new stuff to the fridge, I decided I needed to clean it out and throw away everything that would go bad before the cleanse is over. Here is what I threw away: 
Crab meat, pepperjack cheese, laughing cow cheese, deli turkey, heavy whipping cream, ketchup, parmesean cheese, apagetti sauce, Mayo and some herb flatbread. The crab would have stayed good, however, I LOVE crab and I didn't want to tempt myself.

So there goes the finals in the shopping wars! I do a few more things to pick up tomorrow but other than that I ready to go!

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  1. I could NOT survive without Food For Thought! They have great prices compared to Dillon's Marketplace and GreenAcres! Rudi's makes an awesome cinnamon raison bread and there's often coupons for it at